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Subject: Industrial Transformers
Message: As a professional China industrial transformers manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant, as well as providing with industrial transformers for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.Industrial transformers / Industrial power transformer  Main function : Industrial control transformer is widely used for Voltage change, current    change, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer), etc .It is a proper voltage rectifier supply system;Is to minimize the waveform distortion of caused by rectifying system of power grid pollution.Equipment characteristic: ◆Electrical performance stability,High degree of dynamic stability◆Good thermal stability,overloading ability◆Superior performance indicators◆Power saving effect is obvious, low noise◆To simplify structure, beautiful appearance; Tank adopts the design of seepage prevention of process, can prevent tank leakage.Pictures for reference : url:
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