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Subject: Tungsten Heavy Alloy Bar
Message: As one of the professional China tungsten heavy alloy bar manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, Hanz Material Technology is able to supply you with high quality 95wnife alloy bar, 95wnife alloy rods, 90wnife sheet. Welcome to make contact with us.Advantages:-High density-Good machinability-Good mechanical properties-High modulus of elasticity-High absorption capacity against χ-rays and γ-rays-Harmless to the health and environment.Applications:-Protection shields for nuclear radiation such as PET syringe shield, vial shield, isotope container, FDG container, multi leaf collimator-Balancing weights such as tungsten sinker bar, heavy metal boring bar, vessels crank camshafts, holders for well logging, racing weights, vibration damping and dynamic balancing weights-Substitutional material for Uranium-Electroheat upsetting anvil block-Balls in bomb-High voltage electrical contact-Electrodes for Resistance WeldingProduct Standard: ASTM B 777-07We offer two series of Tungsten Heavy Alloys: W-Ni-Fe(magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu(nonmagnetic).Chemical Composition, Physical & Mechanical Properties of Tungsten Base, High Density Metal:ClassNominal TungstenDensityHardnessTensile StrengthElongationWeight%g/cm3Rockwell CMPa%19016.85~17.2524~32700~1200(600~800)20~33(4~8)292.517.15~17.8525~30700~1400(500~600)15~25(3~5)39517.75~18.3525~35700~12008~1549718.25~18.8530~35600~10008~14Note: The data in brackets apply to non-magnetic nickel-copper tungsten heavy alloy. TypeSwaged RodsStraightened Rods after DrawnGround rods availableSizeФ2.4~95mmФ0.8~3.2mm
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