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Subject: Long Driveway Multiple Safety 3.6 Ton Four Column Car Parker
Message: Features1. Wider platform for easy parkingThe usable width of the platform is 2100mm with a total equipment width of 2540mm.2. Double anti-falling safety devicesBesides standard mechanical dynamic anti-falling locks in Hydro-Park series, an extra wire rope detection lock is protecting this four column car parker all the way from falling in case any wire rope is broken.3. Larger size availableA larger size with 2100mm lifting height and 4800mm long driveway are optional.4. Strong and stable Structure4-Post design makes the structure of car parking lift stronger and more stable.5. Dynamic locking deviceWe are offering the safest parking hoist in the market, the car park lift is built under the CE standard and there are more than 10 types of multiple safety features to ensure our clients will always get protection. Especially, there are a range of locking tabs on the posts to protect cars from accident damage.6. Lock down buttonUser could press LOCK DOWN button to make platform descend a little and sit on locking tab after platform go up to top position, to make cylinder "rest" without any pressure. Therefore, the hydraulic cylinder could be used for longer time.7. Low usage costWhen the platform moves down, it will be driven by gravity, so there is no electricity consumption for hydraulic power pack.8. Fast and easy installationWith professional design and friendly package, it becomes simple on installation. What’s more, detailed installation manual, drawing and video attached with products will help customers have easier installation work.9. Professional packing & deliveryWe have very professional packaging and logistic people to ensure our customer will get the product damage free, simple load & unload in time.10. Long time warranty periodMutrade provides a 3-year on whole machine and 10-year on structure warranty period, to make sure our car parking lift always works well in long term usage.Description- Commercial grade design- 3600kg capacity makes it possible for heavy d......url:
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