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Subject: Electric Copper Water Immersion Heating Elements With Thermostat Manufacturers
Message: 1)Use scope: used for soymilk machine,coffee machine, juicer, insulation pool, incubator and other heating equipment Features: fast heating , reliable quality Note: can be customized with different specifications dry, water, fire and other non-standard size product. 2)The structure of tubular electric heating element is in a metal tube into the heating wire, and the gap part of the tightly filled in crystallization of magnesium oxide with good thermal conductivity and the insulation. Electric wire ends through the two educing club connecting with power, it has a simple structure, long life, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, and can be bent in a variety of shapes,safe using and so on. 3)Electric heating pipe is made of high-quality materials and strict process technology, made with excellent electrical insulation properties and resistance to high electric strength . Safe using and reliablity, is the preferredelectrical heating pipe for manufacturer of various electric appliances. 4)Heating pipes are widely used in showers, water dispensers, boiling, dishwasher and various types of heating appliances, etc. 5)Insulation materials: magnesium oxide Tube Material: Stainless steel seamless pipe, welded pipe, copper, yellow brass pipe, carbon steel pipe Common diameter: 22,20,18,16,14,12,10,8.5,8,6.5 Length:200mm5000mmSurface treatment: a variety of plated nickel, passivation, black, spray. Electric heating tube in accordance with user-designed product drawing and technical requirements to produce all kinds of electric heating pipe for different materials, models and shapes of the , and promised to product quality and meet the needs of users 6)Quality certificationUL TUV The picture is for reference, can be made according to custom's requirement url:
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