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Subject: Astragalus Extract
Message: Apex Biotech Ltd is one of the leading China astragalus extract manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap astragalus extract, baical skullcap root p.e, astragalus polysacharin, astragalus polysaccharides, astragalan, astragaloside, astragaloside iv, 98% hplc astragalus root extract, astragalus root extract for curing diabetes, cycloastragenol from us.Use Part:RootAppearance: Brown yellow fine powderExtract Method:Water/EthanolTest Method:HPLC/UV Main Function&Benefits of Astragalus Root Extract1.Astragaloside IV has beneficial effects on insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.2.It has been used to ameliorate the side effects of anti-neoplastic drugs.3.Astragaloside IV has protective effect on heart tissue, to treat heart disease including coronary artery related disease,heart failure and Cardiovascular Disease,and insufficient placental blood supply.4.Also can use for skin pathologies involving chronic inflammation, allergic diseases treatment due to its Ant-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects, protective intestinal mucosa reperfusion injury, treatment of Colitis, etc.5.Astragalus and its components proved showing Anti-aging, Anti-neoplastic and antioxidative effect and useful for old disease, stragalus root also prevents bone loss and shows osteogenesis ability, release neuroprotective effects and can be used to prevent stroke, hypoxia brain injury.1. Astragalus root extract powder with anti-stress effect;2. Astragalus extract  powder can be used as a growth promoter;3. Astragalus root extract powder with the function of antiviral;4. Astragalus extract powder has improve heart and lung function;5. Astragalus root extract powder can enhance immunity, improve the body’s resistance to disease. Application of Astragalus Root Extract1. Pharmaceutical stuff2. Functional food and food additive3. Livestock products and poultry products.4. Water-soluble beverages 5. In heart cerebrovascular aspect,it can inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blo......url:
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