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Subject: First Creation JCW960 Velvet Weaving Water Jet Loom For Korea 9000 Velvet Fabric Weaving Machine
Message: JCW960 Velvet weaving water jet loomJCW960 velvet water jet loom is the initiate creation in China, the structure and moving parts, beating and shedding system are highly improved, meanwhile we specially designed a velvet weaving device, equipped with electronic single nozzle or double nozzles, this enables to weave velvet smoothly at excellent quality.【Main Technical Parameters】● Reed width: 190, 210, 230, 6500px● Raw material: chemical fiber● Velvet thickness: 2--6mm● Speed: 350--600RPM● Motor: 1.8--2.7kw● Applied with double beam structure● Electronic let-off, upwards electronic take-up outside roller device url:
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