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Subject: Top Sale Non Woven Opening Machine For Nonwoven Fabric Production
Message: Opening  machineIt is used for loosen all kinds of fiber in bundles, then transfer them to next procedure via blower fan. The pre-opener is by slice-style roller tore fiber damage. The main opener use card pin plate with high efficiency and high quality. It is equipped with strong magnet to absorb metal impurities. Frame is welded by steel plate and thickness of 8mm, and with the qualitative treatment to eliminate welding gravity. Feed roller classify cloth and open trench.【Main Technical Parameters】●  The opening cylinder: 1. Φ 635mm Φ 680mm casting cylinder2. Use the 15mm iron into 720mm-800mm diameter cylinder;●  Roller: Using 2.2kW motor with 100 type 1:50 reducer;●  Width of Machine : 1000mm, 1300mm, 1500mm;●  Productivity : 200kg/h, 280kg/h, 350kg/h;●  Total power: 24.2-34.2kw;● Control mode: feeding motor and opening the cylinder motor chain, feeding configuration is reversed, and equipped with a tumbler switch, feeding curtain feeding quantity by feeder photoelectric quantitative control. url:
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