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Subject: Low Price Good Quality Non Woven Cross Lapper Machine For Nonwoven Fabric Production Line
Message: Cross lapperTo fold and pave the mesh after carding evenly into certain width and thickness, then transfer it to next procedure after pressurization. All paving aprons are driven separately for easy adjustment. The reciprocal commutation is controlled by frequency conversion, and the rail is proof against oil leaking. The frame of machine formed by 8mm plate screw assembly with perfect appearance . Computer control of 4-12 speed, instead of the traditional photoelectric effect. Lifting adopts the structure of wire rope, mechanical and manual lifting two, convenient operation. Input curtain made of wood and cortex .【Main Technical Parameters】● Input apron width:1700-2700mm● Output apron width:2200-7200mm● CV:≤ 5%● Total power:6-12kw url:
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