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Subject: Good Quality Low Price Non Woven Winder And Cutter Machine
Message: Winder and cutter machineThis machine is a non-woven production line process, cutting the product into required width and length, for packing. Equipped with 5-7 transverse hard cutting knife, with crosscutting flying device, manual shears crosscutting, mechanical counting and electronic counting two. Automatic cutting cloth.【Main Technical Parameters】● Width: 2000mm-7200mm;● Maximum coiling diameter: 1000 (mm);● Cutting machine: 0.37kw-1.1kw;● The main drive: 1.5kw-2.2kw is equipped with 80 type 1:50100 type 1:50 reducer, variable frequency speed regulation;● Total power: 3.5kw-5.5kw. url:
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