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Subject: Super Fine Spiral Cut Tungsten Carbide Cutters
Message: Smedent super quality Carbide cutters have been engineered and developed with the latest high end Swiss Machinery to enable maximum cutting efficiency, accuracy ,smooth and better running with a long life; We have Super Fine (yellow Ring),Fine(Red Ring) and Standard(Blue Ring) working for Precious & non-precious Alloy and composites; Coarse(Green Ring) Super Coarse (Black Ring),Standard(Blue Ring) working for Acrylics and Plaster , and Fine (Purple Ring) working for Acrylics and Titanium; And Cutting Toothing includes cross cut ,plain cut and plain cut with fine spinal groove.The above is an example of technical complex carbide soldering when the shaft is inserted into the carbide head. This technique significantly improves the stability, centricity of the cutter leading to nil vibrations, almost minimal breakage and a smooth runningISO 137Spiral cut super fineL mm8. mm2. No.663130166313036631304663130566313076631308ISO NO.500. 104...141 137 023198 137 016198 137 023200 137 040275 137 060289 137 023 url:
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