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Subject: Lappaconitine
Message: Shaanxi Huazhen Biotech Co.,Ltd is one of the professional China lappaconitine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy pure natural, high-quality and hot sale lappaconitin hydrobromide, lannaconitine, lappaconitine 98%, 32854-75-4 from our factory. LappaconitineIUPAC name :(1a,14a,16b)-20-Ethyl-1,14,16-trimethoxyaconitane-4,8,9-triol4-(2-ace tylamino)benzoate)CAS No.: 32854-75-4Molecular formula:C32H44N2O8Molecular weight: 584.64M.P.:224~225°C (lit.)B.P.:218 °C  2 mm Hg(lit.)Appearance:  white columnar crystalsContent:98% HPLCDescription:Lappaconitine is an alkaloid isolated from the root of Aconltitum sinomantanum Nakai. It has a strong analgesic activity that does not involve the opioid receptor. It was shown to have class-I antiarrhythmic action and irreversibly blocks cloned human heart (hH1) channels by binding to the site 2 receptor. It is a non-narcotic central nervous system analgesic. Lappaconitine also has antiarrhythmic and anti-inflammatory effect. Lappaconitine works as an inhibitor of tetrodotoxin-sensitive, voltage-dependent sodium channels. On the other hand, lappaconitine is reported as an organocatalyst for asymmetric α-hydroxylation of β-keto esters. url:
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