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Subject: Organic Monk Fruit/luo Han Guo/lo Han Guo Sweetener Suger Extract Powder
Message: Product Name: Organic Mogrosides powder Appearance:Brown fine powder  Grade: Food Grade Vegan: Yes Specification:10:1                         7% 30% Mogrosides                         80% Mogrosides 25% Mogroside VHigh Lights: 1 Raw                      2 100% organic certified/NOP/EOS                      3 gluten free                      4 vegan                      5 Non-GMO  Particle Size: 80-100mesh Origin: China.Stock: Yes. Micro-organism:Total viable Count: Yeast(cfu/g):≤500Moulds(cfu/g):≤500E.coli(cfu/g):NegativeSalmonella(cfu/g): Negative Staphylococcus(cfu/g):Negative Coliform(cfu/g): Negative Metals:Lead Pb(mg/kg): ≤3.0Cadmium Cd(mg/kg):≤1.0Mercury Hg(mg/kg):≤0.1Arsenic As(mg/kg):≤1.0 Pesticide:All products comply with relevant EU Legislation and BNN Orientation Values 0.01mg/kg. Certification: we now get NOP and EOS organic certification and kosher certification. So TC/IC is ready.The Third Party Lab:We have long cooperation with SGS and EUROFINS.They are responsible for our quality test.Every batch must go through pesticides,gluten,microorganism,heavy mental. If you have other demand, we will try our best to meet it.Production flow chartPAYMENT & SHIPMENTEquipped with a factory professional at producing quality organic products, YT Biochem is one of the best organic monk fruit/luo han guo/lo han guo sweetener suger extract powder manufacturers. We now have organic monk fruit/luo han guo/lo han guo sweetener suger extract powder for sale, welcome to buy our bulk natural products at reasonable price as it can provide you with health benefits. url:
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