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Subject: Hawthorn Fruit Juice Powder
Message: If you are looking for low price and high quality GMP, KOSHER and ISO certified hawthorn fruit juice powder, or you want to buy 100% pure natural, hat sale and organic factory supply hawthorn fruit juice powder from a famous China factory, please feel free to contact Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd.Hawthorn Fruit powder [Name of Product]:Hawthorn Fruit powder[Latin Name]:Fructus Crataegi[Part of Used]:fruit[Appearance]:Dark brown or tan fine powderMain Function1.Dilating coronary artery, improving myocardial blood and decreasing myocardium oxygen consumption,  2.Inhibiting thyroid peroxidase, anticancer and antibacterial3.Decreasing blood lipid, inhibiting platelet aggregation and spasmolysis4.Promoting digestionApplicationCardiovascular Health ,Promoting digest effect, Cardiotonic,Reduce the Lipids and Pressure of Blood, Antibiosis, Scavenging free radical, Diuretic,etc url:
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