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Subject: Absorbent Medical Sterilized Gauze Bandage
Message: Sterilized gauze bandage Features: 100%cotoon,Website:, high absorbency and softness Cotton yarn of 21’s, 32’s, 40’s Mesh of 22, 20, 18, 17, 13, 12 threads etc. Length: 10m, 10yds, 5m, 5yds, 4m, 4yds, 3m, 3yds Package(non-sterile): 10rolls, 12rolls/blue paper package or PE bag Package(sterilized); 1roll/paper bag, 50rolls/box Specifications: Sterilized gauze bandage    1roll/individual paper bag, 50rolls/boxMesh model Carton size Q’TY(boxes/ctn) 32’s 28×2614cm×7cm63×40×40cm40040’s 28×2614cm×7cm66.5×35×37.5cm40040’s 24×2014cm×7cm35×20×32cm10040’s 24×2010cm×5cm45×15×21cm10040’s 19×15 1roll/PE bag90cm×5m-8ply52×28×42cm20080cm×5m-4ply+x ray55×29×37cm200
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