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Subject: One-step Rapid HCG Pregnancy Test Strip
Message: One-step HCG pregnancy test Rapid tests one-step HCG pregnancy test strip The HCG test is a fast,Website:, easy to use, qualitative immunoassay for detecting human chorionic gonadoropin (HCG) in urine sample.Qualitative result in 2-5 minutes10,15,20,25mlU/mL sensitivity99% accuracyTake sample ay time of dayConvenient test has a sensitivity of 10mlU, 15mlU, 20mlU, 25mlU, making it an effective aid in early detection of pregnancy, the one-step HCG pregnancy test is suitable for both professional and home use.Cat. NO. Test medium Test format Package HCG-01serum/urineStrip 5mmbulkHCG-02serum/urineStrip 4mmbulkHCG-03serum/urineStrip 2.5mmbulkHCG-04serum/urineStrip 5mm50 tests/boxHCG-05serum/urineStrip 5mm50 tests/boxHCG-05-1serum/urineStrip 4mmindividualHCG-06serum/urineStrip 4mm50 tests/boxHCG-07serum/urinecassettle 4mmbulkHCG-08serum/urinecassettle 3mmbulkHCG-09serum/urinecassettle 4mmindividualHCG-10serum/urinecassettle 3mmindividualHCG-11serum/urinemidstream 6.0mmbulkHCG-12serum/urinemidstream 5.5mmbulkHCG-13serum/urinemidstream 6.0mmindividualHCG-14serum/urinemidstream 5.5mmindividual
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