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Subject: 25t New Structure EAF
Message: If you are looking for reliable industrial 25t new structure eaf for steelmaking,Website:, steel industry, and for melting stell from China 25t new structure eaf manufacturers, suppliers and company, or if you are checking small 25t new structure eaf price, please feel free to contact TYMEC.A complete installation of Electric arc furnace for steelmaking consists of furnace body, tilting platform, liquid steel transfer car, water cooled roof and fume elbow, fume collection And de-dusting system, conductive electrode arm, high current conducting system (HCCS) etc. Electric arc furnace (EAF) is designed and manufactured by TYMEC according to the customers’ requirements; the furnace type can be spilt of upper shell and lower shell, which is easy for lifting and maintenance. Main Technical Parameters for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)Sn.capacity    (T)Shell dia.(mm)Transformer    (MVA)Primary voltage         (V)Secondary voltage           (V)Secondary current          (A)Electrode dia.         (mm)Shell wt (with lining) (t)110φ 35005.5 10260-13912200φ 350(HP)~376.3 10260-13914000φ 350(HP)8.0 10(35)260-13924000φ 350(UHP)215φ 38008.0 10(35)260-13924000φ 350(UHP)~509.0 10(35)300-14017300φ 350(HP)12.5 35314-16030300φ 400(HP)320φ 40009.0 10(35)300-14017300φ 350(HP)~6512.5 35314-16030300φ 600(UHP)16 35353-19032990φ 600(UHP)430φ 430016 35353-19032990φ 500(UHP)~8525 35436-22432991φ 600(UHP)31.5 35473-28142790φ 600(UHP)The above data are just for your reference, details are subject to further discussion.
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