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Subject: Pure Natural Alfalfa Powder
Message: Details:Product name: Alfalfa powderExtracted part : LeafSpecifications :100% pure,80mesh minAppearance: light green to green powderPackaging :25kg plastic bag /25kg drum or as your requested. Storage:Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature Alfalfa has a heat diuretic, Shujin Shu-li intestine, Pai Shi, blood Zhichuan other effects. Alfalfa contains large amounts of iron, which can be used as supplementary food to treat anemia, alfalfa contains vitamin B12 ingredients to treat pernicious anemia. In addition, alfalfa also contains a hemostatic effect of vitamin K, common folk cure stomach or hemorrhoids, intestinal bleeding.Function:To decrease blood fat.To keep acid-base balance.To promote digestion and assimilation of vitamins, minerals.To lower cholesterol and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.Main applications1. Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material which used in food and beverage industry;2. Applied in the health product field;3. Applied in the pharmaceutical field.Why us :Sample Test available   Reliable suppliers and technical skill Optimal customer satisfaction Market leading price Efficient and safe delivery of the production To be a pure natural alfalfa powder golden supplier has always been our target. With pure natural alfalfa powder promotion ongoing, we now have various quality products for sale. Now, you can wholesale pure natural products at an affordable price and get the free sample with our company - Ming Chemical. url:
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