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Subject: high penetration x ray baggage luggage scanner
Message: The 5335 features top-up-the-line Software and Hardware Technology, making this series more aggressive in the market, which offers high performance threat detection and cost-effective ownership. With tunnel opening of 556mm x 355mm, can accommodate a range of parcel and baggage size for checkpoint. The 5335’s innovative design with the advanced & exclusive 7 Colors Imaging Technology enables operators to view screened objects in 7 colors, each color correlate to a specific range of Atomic Number, which helps to identify the suspicious more effectively. Dual-energy detection provides material discrimination alert so that screeners can identify the material composition of the scanned objects. The 335 also equips with a series of practical optional features, and the neoteric double symmetrical swing door designed for easy maintenance and operator safety protection. If you are looking for a scanner that comes with all the features of the higher end models, this is your great choice. url:
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