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Subject: Automobile Stamping Mould
Message: The high quality Automotive stamping dies by Kinsrun a professional mould maker in Shenzhen ChinaThe Metal Stamping Process and TechniquesDies are used in a punch press machine to reshape metal, i.e., coin, punch, form, or bend the part. The stamping process and therefore the type of stamping die is determined by the degree of accuracy required; whether processes can be combined for efficiency; and the volume of production required from the die.We can process various knids of stamping dies according to your requirement, if you have drawing in hand, please feel free to contact with us, and we will be happy to working with you!Step 1Quotation3D drawing ,2D drawing or samples is needed.Step 2Payment40% deposit by T/TStep 3Mold DesignMold design for confirmation will be sent within 3~7 days after receiving mold chargeStep 4Paymentanother 30% deposit by T/T after mold design confirmationStep 5Mold MakingMold will be gotten down to production after 70% paymentStep 6Mold TestingMold testing after mold finished and get samplesStep 7Sample confirmationSamples will be sent for approvalStep 8(Mold Modification)If the samples is not approved,we will modify the mold for free and send samples to you again until samples are approval.Step 9Payment & Mold Delivery30% balance by T/T Mold will be delivered in 3 working days after samples approvedStep 10After-sales serviceAfter-sales service will be provided in 24hrs if requested.Kinsrun MouldingTechnology was found in 1997, based in Shenzhen and Foshan city China. After years of steady development has become to a professional full range solutions provider in the field of moulds, has a strong mould design and manufacturing capabilities. Mainly for the industry customers of automotive, home appliances, medical device etc.What we can do?Provide mould design, mould manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping and casting parts processing, prototyping, end-assembly and other integrated services.Quality assurance:Kinsrun is an ISO9001, TS169......url:
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