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Subject: Rebar Mill
Message: As a professional China rebar mill manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant,Website:, as well as providing with rebar mill for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.Re bar mill / TMT equipmentSteel rolling procedure:Specification of steel wire rod production line:Raw material : From 60*60 up to 200*200 billetsFinished products : depending on customers’ requirementsAnnual capacity :20,000 up to 500,000tonsDetails description :In order to improve the quality of the finished products , always we use the TMT system , we are professional in quenching system :TMT Quenching system---- Controlled cooling process is the use of controlling the cooling rate after rolling different rolled metal to control the micro-structure and mechanical proper-tie of steel.By controlling the cooling can be without reduced rolled metal toughness , for further improve the strength of steel, hot rolled steel material and shorten the cooling time.With different kinds of steel, the controlled cooling of steel depends on the strength and toughness of the rolling conditions and cooling conditions.Characteristics of TMT Quenching system :●Compact structure, good strength;●Using a unique scroll type water-cooled, cooling uniform, full, good cooling effect;●Visual pressure state, according to different rolling process adjust the corresponding pressure, simple operation, easy to observe;●The lateral movement of the frame adjustable, easy to adjust the line, good performance, handling accidents easy and fast.●Secondary counterattack water cleaning plant design, good cleaning effect;●The comprehensive mechanical properties of rolled products increased significantly, beautiful shape, strip straight;Product show and application : 
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