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Subject: Section Rolling Mill
Message: As a professional China section rolling mill manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant,Website:, as well as providing with section rolling mill for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.Section rolling mill / structure rolling mill production lineSteel rolling procedure:Raw material : Scrap ,billets,ingotFinished products : Angle steel , Channel steel, I-beam ,Steel sheet,flat steel,round bar , square bar etc. .Annual capacity: 30,000 tons Up to 500,000tonsDetails Description : The production line of hot-rolled products for the I-beam, angle, channel and bar, the main process is: after steel scrap smelting, cast into billets by a continuous casting machine, the conveyor roller through hot rolling back and forth fed into roughing train after N passes into the rolling unit for precise molded; finished steel after hot rolling into the cooling bed for cooling and straightening, cutting, stacking, packaging, weighing, storage.Product show and application:
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