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Subject: Laying Head
Message: As a professional China laying head manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant, as well as providing with laying head for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.Laying head / wire dis-chargerDetails Description : It is the horizontal arrangement structure and the center line slopes down ten degrees. It consists of spinneret which is installed in the rotation dabber and transmission actuator.There is one DC adjustable-speed motor that could drive the rotating spindle through a pair of bevel gear wheel.Spinning pipe can spin regular wire coil on the basis of setting revolving speed .Equipment characteristic: ●Type:  Horizontal type wire discharger●Wire diameter: 5.5~14mm ●Circle diameter: 1080mm●Maximum spinning speed: 90m/s●Speed increasing ratio: 1.289●Motor :    DC Z4-250-41 ●Motor power:110kW●Motor speed:  750/1500 r/minProduct show : What we can provide:◆Completely rolling mill solutions including rolling passes design, production line setup, and workshop layout according to customer's requirements.◆Experienced skills of rolling mill and auxiliary equipment /spare parts used in the rolling mill production line. (Such as roller box, gearbox reduction, coil laying head, vertical and side loops, flying shears, pinch roll machine ,cooling bed , TMT systems etc.)◆Technical services and post-sale technical supports. Also can adjust the production line or develop and improve the capacity in the future.◆Professional engineers available for overseas installation and maintenance .  url:
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