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Subject: Mill Stand
Message: As a professional China mill stand manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant, as well as providing with mill stand for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.Mill stand / Roughing mill Product description : The roughing stands are used to reduce the thickness of the steel while at the same time extending the overall length. Rolling mill stand is an important part of a work stand, roll bearing chock and roller adjustment device is installed on the frame. Mill stand bears rolling force, must have sufficient strength and rigidity. We can manufacture and supply complete mill stands for the rolling of steel bar / wire rods / structure steel (like angle steel, I-Beam, Channel steel, steel sheet etc.)Product show  Parameters and Features of mill stand :1.Parameters :A. We supply different types of rolling mill stands, Mainly are open type and closed type. Such as Housingless Mill Stands,3Hi & 2Hi Horizontal Stands,2Hi Vertical Stands,Convertible Stands,Sliding mill stands, Universal Stands etc.B.Roll diameter : From Ø200~Ø650C.Feeding material : Billets from 60*60mm up to 200*200mm D.Final products size : Wire rod Ø5.5~ Ø32 ; Deformed steel bar Ø8~  Ø40; and other section steel products which customer needs.              E. Stand material: Steel Casting / Cast Iron / Steel Fabricated2. Special Features:A. Fully Automatic Operation and heavy duty;B. High strength and stiffness.C. Durable design which is suitable enduring heavy load D. Complete stand of the Mill Stand is Stress relieved and fully machined;E. Very convenient to change rolls quickly and easy maintenance , avoid more downtime.F. Bearing long life.Application  url:
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