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Create: 05/16/2018
Expired Date:12/31/2027
Category: Atomic&Nuclear energy machinery [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Rotor diameter: 21.0m Blades quantity: 3pcs Direction: always upwind Blades material: Carbon fiber reinforced plastic Rated output: 60KW Power supplied to Grid 75KW [in 5seconds] working voltage: DC500-800V,AC380-400V Annual average energy production: 110MWH (in rate 5m/s wind speed) working wind speed: 3-25m/s Initial wind speed: 3.0m/s Nominal wind speed: 10.0m/s(33.6mph) Storm-stand: up to 55m/s Max rotate speed: 60r/min Wind turbine type: PM 40 poles synchronous generator, Working temperature: from -40 to +60 C Blade Pitch Control Variable Pitch setting Over-speed Protection Aerodynamic brake + hydraulic rotor braking Speed Regulate and Shut Down Methods Electro-Yawing,Positive Pitch and Electric Magnet dumping brake Gearbox: None, Direct Drive Hub height(m) 18-20-24-35 (free-standing or hydraulic tower)
City:wenzhou Zhejiang[CN] 
May 16 2018Wind Grid tie inverter23
May 16 2018SWT-60KW WIND TURBINE22

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