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Wind Grid tie inverter

Create: 05/16/2018
Expired Date:12/31/2027
Category: Energy saving [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Product presentation: The GCI series of Grid Connected inverter or Grid Tied Inverters have been created to handle both wind and PV applications.They are designed to convert the power from wind and PV into utility grade power that can be used by the home or sold to the local electrical utility.With output powers ranging from 2kW to 30kW and a wide input voltage range (30V to 750V), these inverters can handle almost any wind turbine or PV system.With new sophisticated, programmable control and fast responding algorithms, the wind turbine versions out perform any other non dedicated inverters. MPPT algorithms also allow maximum performance when used with PV systems. Maximize your output and minimize your payback period with a GCI inverter today. Product advantages: · 40 point programmable, linearly extrapolated power curve, via inverter display, to match the output of a specific wind turbine. · Ultra wide input voltage range from 20V up to 750V. · Able to respond to very quick input voltage change and very fast output power response as well.Use current controlled PWM inverter technology. · Compact and light design, one-person easy installation. · IP54 visually pleasing, suitable for installing in a domestic environment. · Maximum efficiency greater than 94%. · Use our wind turbine specific grid-connection controlling algorithm, running with high efficiency, safety and reliability. · Stackble for possible multi-units use. · Highly reliable, numerous protection functions. · Provides both LCD and LED displays for monitoring various parameters. · Quick and easy to installation, in according with IEEE929-2000, IEEE1547,UL1741,AS4777.
City:Hangzhou Zhejiang[CN] 
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