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PT-141 Cas No.: 32780-32-8 Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical

Create: 07/11/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Acrylate intermediates [Chemical]
Message:PT-141 Cas No.: 32780-32-8 Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical Relate products: CJC-1293 CJC-1295 (2mg/vial, 10vials/kit) CJC-1295 DAC (Drug Affinity Complex) (2mg/vial, 10vials/kit) GHRP-2 (Pralmorelin) (10mg/vial, 10vials/kit) GHRP-2 (Pralmorelin) (5mg/vial, 10vials/kit) GHRP-6 (releasing peptide)(10mg/vial, 10vials/kit) GHRP-6 ( releasing peptide)(5mg/vial, 10vials/kit) MGF(mast cell )(2mg/vial, 10vials/kit) PEG-MGF (2mg/vial, 10vials/kit) Bremelanotide; PT-141 (10mg/vial, 10vial/kit)
City:Changsha Hunan[CN] 
Jul 14 2018Melanotan-II(MT-II) CAS:121062-08-6 Molecular formula:C50h69n15o9 Molecular weight:1024.15 Appearance:Off-white powder Specific rotation[a]22/d:-54 degree (c=0.10
Jul 14 2018Introduction: Main treatment: Sexual impotence, skin cancer. During the research, people found the side effects of Melanotan II that has black skin, enhance the5
Jul 14 2018Tesamorelin 2mg4
Jul 14 2018(GHRP-6) which is competent enough to strongly stimulate effect on human growth/ hormone (HG/H). It is a peptide which also plays a role as an produces an urge6
Jul 14 2018Specification: Test Items Specification Test Results Description White or almost white crystalline powder White crystalline powder Melting Point 191.0~193.0ºC5
Jul 14 2018GHRP-2 (Pralmorelin) CAS: 158861-67-7 M. F.: C45H55N9O65
Jul 14 2018Dosage: GHRP-2 comes in powder, so it needs to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water, and then stored in the fridge so it does not go bad quickly. The aver6
Jul 14 2018GHRP-25
Jul 14 2018What is GHRP-2? GHRP-2 is a commercially synthesized drug, and it is part of the epeptide family. In fact, GHRP-2 is a hormone secretagogue, which stimulates6
Jul 14 2018Item Specification Product name GHRP-2 Appearance White Powder Assay 99%min CAS NO 158861-67-7 Package 5 mg/vial, 10 vials/box Shipping Fast and secure shipping5

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