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GHRP-6 injectable peptide

Create: 07/12/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Acrylate intermediates [Chemical]
Message:GHRP-6 is an injectable peptide in the category of releasing peptides, or GHRP's. The most common use of these peptides is to increase GH production. Other peptides in this category include GHRP-2, hexarelin, and ipamorelin. With regard to increasing GH, all of these work similarly, and there is no need or advantage to combining them. Instead, the one most suited for the particular case is chosen.  The principal use of GHRP-6 is to provide increased GH levels, which also results in increased levels. This aids fat loss and in some instances aids muscle gain as well. Generally, GHRP use is chosen as an alternate to GH use, and only rarely is combined with GH.  COA:  M.F.   C46H56N12O6  M.W.   873.01   Appearance   White   powder     Colour   of   solution   Colorless   PH of Ghrp-6  Available   Specific   Optical   Rotation   (c=0.5,95%HAc)  Available   Purity(by   HPLC)   ≥98.00%~99.90%   Total   Impurities(by   HPLC)   ≤2.00%~0.05%   Single Impurity(by HPLC)   ≤0.50%~0.08%   Water   Content(Karl   Fischer)   ≤4.80%   Acetate   Content(by   HPLC)   ≤6.80%   Peptide   Content(by   %N   )   ≥88.00%   Amino   Acaid   Composition   ±10%   of   theoretical   Assay(By   anhydrous,   acetic   acid-free)   95.0%~105.0%   Solubility  Available  Storage Normal storage: 2-8 ºC Long time storage: -20±5 ºC  Package  vials/kit
City:Zhuzhou Hunan[CN] 
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