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Herifi focus on led weed light, is a well-known brands of H

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Message:1.Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co LTDis a led weed light,led grow light barx293a85anin one large multi-functional integrated modern enterprise,and devote the high-quality aquarium light led and first-class service for the masses of customers. 2.Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co LTD is specialized in Industry and agriculture,Lighting industry,LED lighting since established in 10 years ago.So far,our company has established its branch companies in major cities throughout the country.Formed in No.2 Block 3 Floor, Huiye Technology Park, Tangtou, Shiyan, Baoan, Shenzhen, GD, China,Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China as the center, the radiation sales system and service network.Details:Different Plants, different SpectrumDifferent plants require different light spectra, temperatures and exposure times. The different models of LED grow lights for indoor plants come with different specifications to cater to the various need of the user. However, there are certain core specifications to look for before you choose the right LED grow light for indoor plants. The determining factors for choosing LED grow lights for indoor plants are being discussed here:The wattage of the LED grow lights for indoor plants is the very first thing to consider as you have to make sure how much light and heat your plants need.The chip of the LED grow lights for indoor plants is should also be considered as the lights with more than 3W chip are considered to be of the correct penetrating capacityChecking the output of the LED grow lights for indoor plants is important as it will determine the amount of heat and light your plants will be receiving from a particular light.You have to look for the spectrum that is necessary for your plants, find out the one having the right spectrum level.The heat-sink and the cooling system are important for the lights because unless these components are good, the longevity of the light will be hampered.Make sure that the lights you buy consist
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
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