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Shenzhen Pengyi Fa Precision Mould Co., Ltd., an expert ofm

Create: 12/06/2018
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Category: Apparatus&Instrument
Message:1.Shenzhen Pengyi Fa Precision Mould Co., a motocross goggles,moto gogglesx2c6782anin one large multi-functional integrated modern enterprise,and devote the high-quality snow goggles and first-class service for the masses of customers. 2.Shenzhen Pengyi Fa Precision Mould Co., Ltd. have A wide variety of moto goggles,Quality guaranteed motocross goggles,Beautiful motocross goggles,Ascendant motocross goggles,Newest moto goggles,Good quality of pre-sales service moto goggles and other areas of expertise, combined with excellent service capabilities, To provide customers with professional, customized moto goggles. Moreover, since the establishment of a long time ago,the moto equipmentbusiness of Pengyi Fa has always maintained a high-speed and stable growth. details: motocrossgoggleschooseapolarizer,whichmaximizestheabilitytoseethingsaround,polarizingfunctioncanfilteroutstraylightinterference.1,thelenshasthreefunctions:antiheadlights,stronglight,rearsidelightandglare.GoodpolarizeddrivingglassesusingPClenses,PClensesthanresinlensesmorewearresistance,goodtoughness,noteasytobreakdeformation.2.Spectralselectionanti-glare:Thecolorofthelensdesignedbyspectralanalysiscanfilteroutharmfulglareofviolet,andcanincreasebrightnessobviouslyincloudy,rainyandfoggydays.Snowcanpreventglareandpreventsnowblindness.3.UVprotectionforUVAandUVBisnearly100%.Inshort,polarizeddrivingglasses,thewholelensanti-glaretreatment,theuppersideanti-headlighttreatment,theuppersideanti-rearreflectiontreatment,withthreefunctions:anti-headlight,rearsidelight,glare.Whenyoudrive,youcanseeclearly,seefar,noreflection,notdazzling.Mostoftheframematerialsaremainlymetalalloys. 3.With the rapid development of business simultaneously, Pengyi Fa always keeps the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaching great importance to the training and shaping of core competitiveness. The company will take customer service value as the core competitiveness of enterprises. Adhering to spi
City:Shenzhen City[US] 
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