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vacuum pump KZ/100WS by Deyang yoyik

Create: 04/15/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Valves [Electronic]
Message:The use of advanced technology, absolutely first-class service quality, is our constant faith over the years. Production is in strict accordance with national standard, line standard and DEC technical standards. The main technical backbone are retired senior engineer and senior technicians from DEC, who has participated in the design, manufacture and installation of Gezhouba, Ertan, Three Gorges and other power plants. We have served hundreds of hydropower stations, thermal power plant overhaul, and technical transformation to provide high quality equipment, construction design, installation, spare parts, and after-sales service. vacuum pump KZ/100WS filter YQ2UX-63*10 filter CB13300-001V A10VS0100DR/31R-PPA12NOO jacking oil pump coupling CZ50-250 solenoid valve WZK.W.01.B.0147 solenoid valve 023JD-L21 vacuum pump KZ/100WS filter STZX2-100*20 ZJ-22-19 bolt heating rods for steam turbines filter SC0811-03 EH oil main pump 02-334632 pressure hose SMS-12/15-2438mm-B ion exchange filter ET718-DR-CN Φ6L=3000 R1/4 Armoured thermocouple WRNK2-231-G1/4 filter HBX-100*10 safety valve 3.5A25F-16P A156.31.56.33 OPC solenoid valve filter SFAX.BH630*30 vacuum pump oil filter P-1258 air filter HY-10-005-HTCC 300MW turbine D20 main oil pump Last stage blade vacuum pump sealing gasket P-1759 solenoid valve 4WE-10-DOF/E-W240-20 filter NX-400*20 filter HX-800*5W CZ65-250A oil pump for hydrogen-oil-water system Sealing gasket HZB253-640-03-06 TD-1-350 LVDT sensor steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-3 filter SFX-850*1 vacuum pump KZ/100WS DFSYC-2019-04-15-A
Jun 24 2019TPP power station globe valve SHV9.62
Jun 24 2019Power plant parts EH oil Circulating pump 02-125801-31
Jun 24 2019Power station parts bellows relief valve BXF-251
Jun 24 2019Steam turbine parts EH oil main pump motor W.03.A.00201
Jun 24 2019Thermal power spare parts bellows relief valve BXF-401
Jun 24 2019 actuator flushing filter DP6SH201EA01V/F for yoyik1
Jun 24 2019 regenerating filter DZ903EA10V/-W by yoyik1
Jun 24 2019 Precision filter AZ3E303-01D01V/-W for yoyik1
Jun 24 2019 regeneration device diatomite filter DP930EA150V/-W by yoyik1
Jun 24 2019 diatomite filter W.38.Z.000045 by yoyik1

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