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YOYIK servo valve DH.00.176

Create: 05/15/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Valves [Electronic]
Message:Deyang YOYIK is a professional high-tech company dedicated to generating units spare parts. YOYIK to DEC as the basis, and the East steam, East Electric, East pot, Oriental Areva and other units extensive and close cooperation, the main production for the supply of East East steam Dong pot special machine spare parts. Welcome customers to inquire! Deyang YOYIK supply power plant, steel accessories are as follows: servo valve DH.00.176 filter 0990D003BN3HC 9332 1*17*2200 semi-conductive spacer coupling HU27052-22 pressure oil-return filter HQ25.300.15Z J32C-1.6P globe check valve for oil station 1Q1818 No.7 gasket air filter DC-4 BFP DC oil pump outlet check valve D20.770.Z ZJ-22-19 bolt heating rods for steam turbines oil filter Q3U-A100*5BS Precise Filter for oil tank 0508.951T1201.AW007 solenoid relief valve DBW10B-1-30/100UG24NZ5L D25.241Z thrust support bearing Quick closing valve LVDT TD-1100S 0-110mm servo valve DH.00.176 20FJ1.6P globe valve EH oil main pump suction filter OF3-20-3RV-10 filter DQ8302GA10H3.5C filter GY93-100*40 oil filter ZUI-A100*30S D1000H-240000A009 Thermal resistance pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-1219mm-B mannual directional vavle DG17V-5-2C stainless steel bellows globe valve 40FJ1.6P servo valve DH.00.176 DFSYC-2019-05-15-A
Jul 18 2019Oil seal D66A.231.0954
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Jul 18 2019NUT,HIGH TEMP WITH GROOVE D600B-265000A0012
Jul 18 2019SEAL,STEAM,LP-A5TH DIPRAGM D600B-098240A1
Jul 09 2019 Deyang yoyik red insulating varnish 1839
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Jul 09 2019 YOYIK insulating box filling adhesive DECJ097810
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Jul 09 2019 YOYIK RTV epoxy adhesive DECJ07939

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