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RCS Series Single-Acting Low Weight Cylinder

Create: 05/15/2019
Expired Date:05/01/2020
Category: 工业用品
Message:● Lightweight, low profile design for use in confined spaces ● Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance ● Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life ● CR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models ● Grooved plunger end with threaded holes for mounting tilt saddles ● Integral handle on RCS-1002 for easy carrying ● Plated steel plungers ● Single-acting spring return Hydraulic Cylinder range from the most common household types to specialty types.Check out the website that specializes in wrenches at for details. Or contact us Company Name: Hang Zhou WREN Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Address: No. 24, Xingxing Road, Linping, Hang Zhou, China Tel: +86 571 8811 5720 Fax: 0571-88110210 Postcode: 311100
May 15 2019LOCATION: Home > Products > Hydraulic Cylinder > Single-acting Series OIL-GAS PROJECT OIL-GAS PROJECT 2018/12/24 COOLING EQUIPMENT COOLING EQUIPMENT 2018/12/26
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May 15 2019RCS Series Single-Acting Low Weight Cylinder6
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