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YOYIK insulating water pipe assembly 1Q1634

Create: 07/11/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Insulation [Electronic]
Message:Dongfang Yoyik has been focused on machinery and industry equipment for a long time. The company advocates "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit, with a good internal mechanism. Excellent working environment and good incentive mechanism attract a group of high-quality, high level, high efficiency of talented staffs. We have a technical research and development strength and mature after-sales service team. Look forward to working with you as soon as possible. insulating water pipe assembly 1Q1634 brush holder for Generator#5 QFSN2-200-2 HQ16.13Z AST solenoid valve HP Accumulator Seals D1000A-581000A oil filter CFF2-515*100 mian trip solenoid valve 6YVHP trip solenoid valve oil filter GY93-63*5 Check valve 216C40 D185A-021000A004 CAP NUT DIAMETER: 2 1/4PULG - 8UN; MATERIAL: 5CRMOA. non-return valve S15A1/2 Plug valve bush ring D8400.1108 ZJ-20-57A bolt heating rods for steam turbines actuator filter DP201EA03V/W filter SFBX-25*3 oil filter WUI-A25*60S needle valve SHV16 water filter WFF-150*1 filter FAX (NX)-63*30 filter J100*500 filter XU-63*100-J oil filter JWU-40*180LYZ relief valve DGMC3PTCW41 insulating water pipe assembly 1Q1634 non-return valve 1HY-RCV10.01 ACG070K7NVBP sealing oil main pump filter TZX-E630*20 insulating water pipe assembly 1Q1634 DFSYC-2019-07-11-A
City:Chengdu Sichuan[CN] 
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