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20 Manufacturers Dared Not Accept The Hydraulic Valve Block Order, But AAK Solved It With URMA Reaming Technology

Create: 10/13/2021
Expired Date:11/13/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:AAK hydraulic valve, adopts URMA reaming technology of Swiss quality to process the valve spool hole in the hydraulic valve block. With the precision, reliable and efficient URMA reaming technology, the high precision of the valve spool hole of the hydraulic valve block is ensured, and the stable surface quality and tolerance range are maintained in the whole hole diameter. Brody, an American customer, had asked about no less than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers, but no hydraulic valve block manufacturer had the ability to undertake his order for hydraulic valve blocks with special valve spool holes. After 3 days of communication with AAK hydraulic valve, he directly placed a trial order for 200 hydraulic valve blocks. The valve spool hole is the key point in the hydraulic valve block. Many hydraulic valve block manufacturers do not have their own high precision equipment, so they can only process outside. Generally, the outside processing centers only process according to the process parameters, and rarely consider the properties, use scenarios, and service life of machining components. It is difficult to continuously and stably grasp the diameter dimensional tolerance of valve spool hole, coaxiality, cylindricity and roughness. Once such a hydraulic valve block is used, it will directly affect the quality and operation stability of the whole hydraulic system. Brody, who needed to purchase a batch of special hydraulic valve blocks, asked no less than 20 hydraulic manufacturers, but no manufacturer was able to undertake this order. Brody browsed our website,, emailed us, listed us the process parameters of the valve spool hole in the hydraulic valve block, and the internal anatomy diagram, and asked if we could do it? This hydraulic valve block had high precision requirements due to the existence of most segmented structures in the valve spool hole, small diameter dimensional tolerance of the valve spool hole, and many precision requirements such as coaxiality.
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