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Cliff Was Stunned! AAK Delivered The Urgent Order of The Hydraulic Diverter Valve From The Global Top 500 Enterprises 10 Days in Advance

Create: 11/24/2021
Expired Date:12/24/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Cliff is a purchaser of a hydraulic valve company in the United States. He began to contact the domestic hydraulic valve industry in China a few years ago and looked for new hydraulic valve suppliers everywhere. He didn't know much about the status of China domestic hydraulic valve industry and often ran up against a stone wall. A few months ago, he purchased a hydraulic diverter valve in Ningbo, the hometown of hydraulic valves. He encountered problems and could not guarantee the delivery date. It was a trial order of hydraulic diverter valve for their company's major customer. This customer is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. If the delivery date couldn’t be guaranteed, the boss must be mad. After the communication between his boss and the customer, the customer required that the remaining 50% of the hydraulic diverter valves must be delivered within 40 days, otherwise, the order would be cancelled and all future hydraulic valve orders will not be placed neither. Cliff took this as a chance to prove himself. He spent a week constantly looking for new hydraulic diverter valve manufacturers, sending emails and making phone calls. With the situation of his last hydraulic valve manufacturer, he found that nearly most of the hydraulic valve manufacturers had low awareness of production efficiency. No matter whether the time given by the customer is enough for production or not, they just accepted the orders first. If the customer is urgent in need of goods, nearly 90% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers will choose outsourcing processing. The same batch of shipment will come from different hydraulic valve processing places, and the quality of the hydraulic valves is uneven. Cliff's other hydraulic valve suppliers in Ningbo suggested him to see if AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has time to catch up the delivery for these hydraulic diverter valves.
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Nov 24 2021Cliff Was Stunned! AAK Delivered The Urgent Order of The Hydraulic Diverter Valve From The Global Top 500 Enterprises 10 Days in Advance4
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