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White 8mm Foam Pvc Sheet

Create: 05/15/2018
Expired Date:05/15/2020
Category: Consumer electronics
Message:White 8mm PVC foam board:With the best chemical resistance, no aging, it has the best friction coefficient in known solid materials and can be used at -180°C~+260°C under no load condition. Specifications:800 or less molded plate thickness 2 or moreTolerance ±0.30 to ±0.50Less than 1200 molded plate thickness 3 or moreTolerance ±0.50 to ±0.60 Performance and advantages: PTFE added a certain amount of filler, which greatly improved the PTFE characteristics, especially wear resistance, thermal conductivity, self-lubricating and other aspects than PTFE products have obvious improvement , No oil lubrication, shock absorption and wear resistance.Product packaging:Product use; The use of PTFE machining advantages of good, can be turned by turning, package made of a variety of mechanical parts, wear-resistant materials. url:
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