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Dehydrated Garlic Chips

Create: 07/13/2018
Expired Date:07/13/2020
Category: Food&Beverage&Tobacoo
Message:Dehydrated garlic chips require consistent varieties of garlic,Website:, which with wonderful characters in full respect.In dried garlic chips process, the garlic skin can be peeled off manually or mechanically, The peeled garlic cloves are cut into 2-3mm thick slices, which are too thick to be dried, and too thin to maintain their shape.To prevent the loss of alliin oxidation, the dehydrated garlic chips is handled at one go without interruption. The garlic slices after color protection are washed thoroughly with clean water, and the mucus and sugar on the surface of the garlic slices are washed away until the water is clear and transparent. Then drain off water droplets or spin them dry with a centrifuge. Spread the cleaned garlic slices evenly on the drying sieve and immediately send them to the drying room for dehydration. The temperature of the drying room is controlled between 60 and 65 deg c and does not exceed 65 deg c for about 6-7 hours, and when the water content of dehydrated garlic chips are reduced to 4-5 percent, the dehydrated garlic chips are quickly baked. After drying, they are selected in a timely manner. those with normal shape and pure white color are genuine products, while the rest are defective products. All tide slices should be picked out, and the picked out tide slices should be reheated in time, finally, the dehydrated garlic chips will be packed by experienced packers.
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