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Greenhouse Shade Netting

Create: 08/10/2018
Expired Date:08/10/2020
Category: Home&Garden Supplies
Message:Shade Cloth (Shade net,Website:, Shade netting) is used to provide shade against sunlight and to control temperature. It can also be used to protect flowers, trees against frost, wind and hail damage. It can also used for temporary fencing, packaging applications, greenhouse covering.SHADE COEFF.REFERENCECOLOURWIDTHLENGHTWIDTH45%F.1072 *V. dark green2-4 m100 m48 g/m²65%F.1074 *V. dark green1, 5-2-3-4-6 m100 m60 g/m²75%F.1076 *V. dark green1, 5-2-3-4-6 m100 m79 g/m²60%F.1079White2 m100 m130 g/m²95%F.1090DTGreen1-1, 2-1, 5-1, 8-2-3 m50 m230 g/m²Feature· High strength, durable· Restricted UV action.· Reduced crop desiccation.· Improved ventilation.· Reduction in temperature range variations.· Texture of net and shade fabrics: High-density, low-pressure polyethylene monofilament, UV stabilised, non-decomposing.ApplicationKey application areas of shade-nets:· Shade nets have widespread applications in: 1. Floriculture (roses, orchids, etc), 2. Horticulture (cabbage, pepper, grapes etc), 3. Vanilla cultivation, 4. Tea plantations, 5. Drying of agro-products, 6. Cattle-sheds, 7. Parking lots, 8. Swimming pools, etc.· The shade nets provide protection to the plants from wind, extreme weather conditions and reduce water evaporation.· After China, India is the second largest producer of flowers, with about 116000 hectares of area under floriculture.
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