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EASPRAY Regular Film Coatings

Create: 12/02/2019
Expired Date:12/02/2021
Category: Electronic
Message:The Formula The use of optimally proportional HPMC and other polymers as themain film forming materials ensures that EASPRAY® Regular Film Coatings havegood solubility and mechanical properties. GAI & GAIV are high-quality coatingmaterials that can be applied to cores of different properties and are extensivelyused as part of the EASPRAY® series. Distinctive Properties EASPRAY® Regular FilmCoatings – an excellent choice to make your dosage form look more professional,improve your product’s image and facilitate identification. Main Features • To meet different solvent needs, , EASPRAY GAI & GAIV Regular Film Coatings are designed to operate in ethanol andwater solvent systems, respectively; • Superior adhesion decreases the possibility of bridging and chipping and ensures sharper logo definition; • High tensile strengthprotects the tablet cores from abrasion and covers the defects in any poor tablet cores; • A uniform coating suspension can be obtained within 45 minutes,with optimal suspension uniformity and low deposition velocity; no deposition is likely to occur within a normal coating period; • Various colors are available and all colors are bright and stable; ILE can provide a color design service for customers to meet the demands of product image and identification. url:
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