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Dexamethasone Phosphate Sodium

Create: 07/16/2016
Expired Date:never
Category: Chemical elements [Chemical]
Message:Dexamethasone Phosphate Sodium Synonyms: dexamethasone 21-phosphate disodium salt CAS: 2392-39-4 EINECS: 219-243-0 Assay: 99% min. Standard: BP/EP/USP Packing: 1 kg/foil bag or tin; 5kg/cardboard drum Character: white to off-white powder. solubility H2O: 50 mg/mL, clear, faintly yellow. Usage: This product is an adrenal cortical hormone tidy medicine. The anti-inflammatory, allergy and suppress the immune Duo Zhong pharmacological effects, such as its main mechanism for: (1) anti-inflammatory effects: corticosteroids ease and prevent the organization to the reaction of the inflammation, thus reduce inflammation performance. (2) allergy, immunosuppression role: to prevent or inhibiting cell intermediary immune response, delayed allergic reaction, and reduce primary immune response to expand.
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