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Overhead Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine with Hook

Create: 09/22/2017
Expired Date:never
Category: Shot blast [Industrial-Supplies]
Message:Hook Overhead Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine Supplier JX Offers Overhead Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine with Hook, for Casts, Welded Constructions. JX Overhead Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine with Hook is typically designed to handle mixed loads of medium and large components which often include fragile and sensitive parts that cannot be tumbled in bulk loads. Overhead conveyor shot blasting machines with hook are ideal for heavy and complexly shaped workpieces like: casts, welded constructions, forged and pressed parts, etc. Typical Application: 1.Structural Steel. 2. Mill Scale Removal. 3. Profiling. 4. Paint Preparation. These Type of Machines consist of under mentioned Parts: 1. Main Blast Cabinet with Inspection Door. 2. Blast Wheel Units with Drive Mechanism. 3. Abrasive Circulation Unit. 4. Bucket Elevator Unit. 5. Abrasive Separation/Cleaning System with Storage Hopper. 6. Dust Collector with Cleaning Mechanism. 7. Roller Conveyor System at Inlet & Outlet Side. 8. Control Panel with PLC Control System. 3. Blasting Nozzles 1) Model: YD-30B 2) Shot blasting volume : kg/min 200×10 3) Power : kw 11×10 4) Quantity: Set 10 4. Portrait Horizontal & Recovery Screw Conveyor 1) Portrait Delivery capacity : t/h 150 2) Power: kw 7.5 3) Horizontal delivery capacity : T/h 150 4) Power: kw 5.5 5) Recovery delivery capacity : t/h 20 6) Power: kw 3 5. Reverse Blower 1) Air blower model: 9-19-4.5A 2) power : kw 15 6. Bucket Elevator 1) Lifting capacity : t/h 150 2) Power: kw 5.5
Sep 22 2017Cyclone Dust Collector340
Sep 22 2017Multiclone Dust Collector327
Sep 22 2017Cartridge Dust Collector288
Sep 22 2017Pulse Jet Bag Type Dust Collector333
Sep 22 2017Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine for Iron, Steel, Forging Parts288
Sep 22 2017Hook Type Automatic Shot Blasting Machine For Oil Tank Propane Tank317
Sep 22 2017Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Middle & Small Castings289
Sep 22 2017 Rebar Shot Blasting Machine with Surface Finish Level Sa2.5.294
Sep 22 2017Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine with Roller Conveyor322
Sep 22 2017H Beam Shot Blasting Machines for Surface Cleaning298

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