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China steel frame industry leading brand

Create: 05/01/2019
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Message:1.Shanghai Kouyao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.Onewas established inNo. 1453, Tingfeng Road, Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai,Jinshan District,City area,Shanghai,China, 10 years ago registered capital ,mainly engaged in steel frame,welding fabrication,Stamping parts,medial machining parts,metal machining partsx376dc6anand other related business. Its business scope covers Aluminium extruded section manufacturers sell,pre engineered steel frame buildings,precision machining,Provide good service Extruded aluminium,Irreplaceable steel frame and other fields. 2.Shanghai Kouyao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.One is specialized in the production and sales of Aluminium extruded sectionproducts. we have our own factory and can provide high-quality products and high-end services for our customers, after many years of operation, already has more than A wide variety of products for customers to choose. Choose Shanghai Kouyao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.One, we will provide you with the best price and service. 3.At the end of the occasion, on the Shanghai Kouyao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.One for a comprehensive. Shanghai Kouyao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.One upholds the service tenet of trust in good faith and puts the interests of users in the first place. We will do our best to provide all users with all-in-one service. More details of the companys service, please call our phone:
City:City area[US] 
Dec 07 2019Steel MachiningHigh quality and high price metal fabricatio463
Dec 06 2019Advanced metal machining partsprovides first-class service434
Dec 04 2019Steel MachiningMost commonly used aluminum machining part422
Dec 02 2019Steel MachiningFocus on the quality of service Steel Machin416
Dec 01 2019Aluminium extruded sectionHonest and reliable sheet metal w418
Nov 27 2019Genuine goods at a fair price metal fabricationSteel Machin433
Nov 25 2019One-step service The best of the country metal machining pa442
Nov 24 2019Domestic senior company of welding fabrication effect, pre463
Nov 23 2019metal fabrication equipment texasSteel Machining,Steel Mach435
Nov 22 2019In short supply sheet metal fabricationSteel Machiningweldi486

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