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FOX Connection Crossover

Create: 04/20/2020
Expired Date:12/31/2029
Category: Pipe [Ore&Mineral&Mining]
Message:FOX connection crossover he design of the special thread of the oil casing of various countries and companies, although there are many types and different shapes, TPCQ / VAM TOP, FOX special buckle short connection, but the basic form is generally the same, Tenaris special buckle oil tube short connection, mainly to improve The connection strength and sealing performance of the pipe string. Generally speaking, most special-threaded oil casing joints are composed of three parts: connection thread, torque-resistant shoulder and sealing surface. Most special threads use API partial trapezoidal thread profile. Baosteel BGT1 special buckle is authorized to ensure the interchangeability of the screwing part. TPJC / TPCQ buckle type, which also reflects this API BC thread from another side. It is generally recognized in terms of connection strength, but its performance in connection sealing performance is poor. It is worth noting that among many special oil casing threads, a considerable number of reverse torque-resistant shoulder designs are used in the thread structure, VAMTOP special buckle variable buckle, TPCQ, VAMTM special buckle variable buckle, which is conducive to screwing. The backstage shoulder locks the pipe end, and the TPCQ / BGT1 buckle type can effectively avoid the pipe end from being reduced in diameter by the circumferential shrinkage force surface, reducing the contact stress on the sealing surface, and the shoulder also plays a role of auxiliary sealing and anti-torque. Contact;Bonnie Xu Mob/Wechat:86+13602055205 Skype:BonnieXu22 Linkedin:BonnieXu
Apr 26 2020API5B PSL2 Collar 2-7/892
Apr 26 2020VAM TOP 3-1/2 Premium Connection92
Apr 26 2020ACME Connection 4-1/2 INCH92
Apr 26 20206-5/8 Plain Pipe L80-13Cr96
Apr 26 20201.9 INCH EUE N80 R2 API5CT88
Apr 26 202073.02*5.51 N80 Blank Pipe R289
Apr 26 2020 7 INCH 29ppf VAM TOP R3 L8088
Apr 26 20205-1/2 LC N80Q Collar91
Apr 26 20207 INCH 29ppf 4FT L80 Casing Nipple89
Apr 26 20207 INCH 29ppf VAM TOP 5FT L80 Casing Nipple86

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