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YOYIK Signal Converter DF-KTVI-1

Create: 11/24/2020
Expired Date:never
Category: Sensor [Electronic]
Message:"Power plant material Signal Converter DF-KTVI-1 Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing spare parts of power plants. As a high-tech industrial partner of DEC, we also have close cooperation with DFSTW, DFEM, CNEG, Areva, DBC. Our products have high quality assurance in the industry. Current/Voltage Converter LJB1 2000A/10V 0.5 Steam seal ring D26.161.5Z Sensor SZCB-01-A2-B1-C3 Gasket M237-265000A027 Servo Card DMSVC003 Seal ring for valve cap assembly of IPCV D600B-265600A002 Air Pre-heater Manhole Door HX4801-2009 RSV valve seat D150C-265000A001 CV pre-inlet valve disc D150C-265000A007 BOLT HEATER ZJ-17-1A Sensor 4000TD Excitation System Display Screen GES6000 Brush roller ZSB3000-07-03 Gland Seal D60R-100300A LVDT Position Sensor DET250A small bush X200D.361.013 Turbine Bearing 73B.055Z Signal Converter DF-KTVI-1 Signal Converter DF-KTVI-1 Deyang Dongfang Yoyik Engnieering Co;Ltd are Qualified Supplier of DFEM, DEC, and DBC. We are specialized in manufacturing the spare parts for Power plants, including Steam turbines, Generators, Hydro turbines, Hydro generators ,Babbitt bearings, Fluorine plastic bearing pads, Filters, Filter elements, Hydraulic valves, Hydraulic pumps, EHC, TSI, MEH, DCS, Excitation system, Hydrogen oil water system, Sealing compounds, Detachable brush holder, Coolers, Insulation materials,Repairing electric motors, etc. [DFYLSYC-2020-11-24-A]
Jan 22 2021 Yoyik Shutoff valve F3RG03D3308
Jan 22 2021 Yoyik Shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B304
Jan 22 2021 Yoyik servo valve DSV-001B5
Jan 22 2021 Yoyik globe throttle check valve LJC100-1.6P4
Dec 25 2020 YOYIK Braking Magnet DF2202515
Dec 25 2020 YOYIK servo valve DJSV-001A13
Dec 25 2020 YOYIK solenoid valve 22FDA-F5T-W220R-20/LBO15
Dec 25 2020 YOYIK Rubber bladder NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH16
Dec 25 2020 YOYIK DC LUB OIL PUMP 125LY23-413
Dec 24 2020 Yoyik stator cooling water pump YCZ50-250B16

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