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Method for improving blocking of damping hole

Create: 08/20/2021
Expired Date:09/30/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Brody is the purchasing director of a hydraulic valve dealer in the United States. He purchased a batch of Pilot operated Hydraulic pressure valves this May in China. However, customers began to complain because during the use of the hydraulic pressure valve, the damping hole was often blocked, resulting in loss of pressure at the pilot stage, failure of the hydraulic pressure valve and failure of the hydraulic system. Some customers asked for return. Brody communicated with the factory supplied the hydraulic pressure valves for many times but couldn't find a good solution. Brody's tried to source for new hydraulic valve factories but it did not go smooth as well. He spent 7 days talking about with more than 30 hydraulic valve factories and got almost the same answer: the problem of damping hole blocking cannot be solved 100%, and the only way is to let the customer choose high-purity hydraulic oil. Brody knew that replying to guests in this way would not only get a claim, but also losing the whole market. He would also lose his job. Brody got into contact with AAK hydraulic valve through the introduction of other factories. After two rounds of e-mail communication, we learned that he was in a mess because of the damping hole of the pilot hydraulic pressure valve. Unexpectedly, AAK has mass produced pilot hydraulic pressure valves as early as 1 year ago, which was not difficult for us. Brody was surprised and maybe didn't believe it. We told him that you can go to our website and also continue to source for other hydraulic valve factories. If you believe us, send us your hydraulic pressure valve artwork and try our sample. Hydraulic pressure valve is sought after by the market for its stable pressure control, small pressure rise and smooth overflow curve.
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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