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Yoyik supplies ROTOR ECCENTRICITY PR6423/002-030

Create: 10/19/2021
Expired Date:never
Category: Sensor [Electronic]
Message:"Dongfang turbine parts yoyik supplies ROTOR ECCENTRICITY PR6423/002-030 We mainly serve power plants, hydroelectric power stations, metal mines, coal mines, steel mills, cement plants, petroleum, chemical, natural gas industries. All along, we have provided products and service for many big domestic projects with first-class quality, competitive price and good service, received good reputation among customers. YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant : Thermometer Bimetalic WSS-461 Ring Sealing TY9117C Transmiter GJCF15 Relay MM2XP DC24 V Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-04 Flat head slotted screw D660V-163000A011 Sleeve for valve cap assembly of HPCV D600B-271200A007 GREASE HIGH TEMP:SEALING CYL MFZ-2 STEAM SEAL RING HP D300N-100107ARN Displacement Monitor YDJ-Y-2-600 SLEEVE NUT QG500-80-206 hand valve Z41W-16P DN100 STEAM SEAL RING M030-101200ARN BOLT HEATER ZJ-20-2 Sensor 4000TD PCB FOR MMS M06-E04-00378 COACH SPRING-2 D00.160.012 ACTIVE COVER Y47-231600A Stopper Ring D150C-261000A007 Flow Switch BH-054011-054 yoyik supplies ROTOR ECCENTRICITY PR6423/002-030 High pressure outer cylinder middle inner wall thermometer gauge pipe connection D1000A-029440A0011 motor differential protection relay WDZ-5231 LVDT Position Sensor DET1000A Gap system air pipe GJCFL-15 MAIN SHAFT D600A.231.18Z Synchronous Signal and Pulse Board 3L4487 Heat Exapansion Sensor TD-2 Fuse Fan Board UM-MSTB-MKDS/F/CS1148 Sealing Ring U184010 GASKET D600B265000A008 Fire Detector Amplifier EFD-II-B-1 Gap Power Supply GJCD-15 Spheric Washer A125A-265000A018 metal spiral gasket D600B-271000A022 SPEEDB SENSOR CS-1 D-065-05-01 Filter servo manifold CV, MSV, RSV, ICV C6004L16587 yoyik supplies ROTOR ECCENTRICITY PR6423/002-030 [DFYLSYC-2021-10-19-A]
Nov 16 2021 Insulating wedge No. 3 3F14271.2 made by yoyik9
Nov 16 2021 Insulating wedge No. 1 3F14271.0 made by yoyik9
Nov 16 2021 power plant Epoxy dipping adhesive 793 made by yoyik9
Nov 16 2021 Insulating Mica tape 0.14*25mm made by yoyi9
Nov 16 2021 Power Plant supplies Insulation bar 0.3x24x800mm from china6
Nov 16 2021 IPP power plant Groove sealant HDJ-892 from china7
Nov 15 2021 Yoyik Filter Element OF3-08-3RV-108
Nov 15 2021 YOYIK power plant PLANT FILTER MTP-95-55910
Nov 15 2021 Thermal Power Oil filter element MSF-04S-039
Nov 15 2021 Power Plant supplies Filter¬†element MF100-2-P10NB9

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