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Among More than 100 Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturers, only AAK has been favored by HydraForce valves

Create: 11/15/2021
Expired Date:12/15/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:In Ningbo, the hometown of hydraulic valves, conservatively speaking, there are more than 100 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. 4 years ago, we began to contact HydraForce. AAK HYDRALUC VALVE lasted 2 years, replaced hydraulic valve materials 3 times and proofed 4 times, becoming the first hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer supplier of HydraForce valves among so many hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo. 4 years ago, I received a call from President Li, who is the agent of HydraForce valves in China. He said that from the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo, he heard that AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE have invested a lot of equipment and constantly innovated technology, and has a good benchmark in Ningbo among hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers and asked if we are not interested in becoming a supplier of HydraForce valves. Everyone wants to cooperate with top 500 enterprises in the world. While agreeing, I am also a little nervous. I am worried that if the quality of hydraulic valves does not meet the standard, we would make jokes among these hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo. The first entry point between us and hydraforce valves is a hydraulic cartridge valve. The AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE technical team spent 33 days and sent the approval sample of the hydraulic cartridge valve. We soon got a reply from HydraForce valves. They asked us to re-make sample, listed us those parameters to be improved, and also gave us some encouragement. At present, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE parameters are among the top 3 of the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo. Since AAK HYDAULIC VALVE can represent the manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valve in Ningbo, we must continue to overcome difficulties until the sample of hydraulic cartridge valve is approved. We constantly tested imported materials, replaced imported machine tools with higher precision, designed different fixtures, and assembled special equipment required for proofing.
Jan 19 2022After Comparing More than 20 Chinese Hydraulic Valve Block Manufacturers, Richard Said That Only AAK benchmarked his German Suppliers1
Jan 18 2022AAK is the first of all suppliers to finish and deliver the hydraulic cartridge valves of the world's top 500 company5
Jan 12 2022The Rated Flow Setting of AAK Hydraulic Valve is Unique and Distinctive, British customer Placed Re-order Today10
Jan 11 2022AAK Unique Design Eliminated the Scream of Hydraulic Relief Valve, Jimmy Ordered another 500 pcs10
Jan 10 2022Better quality but cheaper price, of course, AAK hydraulic sequence valve is selected, and American customer passed his local manufacturer15
Jan 07 2022The hydraulic pressure relief valve that the Italian manufacturer was not willing to do, was delivered in 15 days and guaranteed for 3 years by AAK19
Jan 06 2022100% deburring of hydraulic valve block is a craftsman technology. American customer can only place orders with AAK16
Jan 04 2022AAK Not Only Completed the Urgent Order, But Also Improved the Standard Deviation of Hydraulic Check Valve by More than 2 Times18
Dec 30 2021The sealing ring service life is twice that of peers. Kate passed the high price one made in the United States and chose AAK hydraulic pressure valve32
Dec 29 2021AAK Newly Designed Hydraulic Threaded Cartridge Valve Solved the Dilemma of 3 Departments of Caterpillar25

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