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100% deburring of hydraulic valve block is a craftsman technology. American customer can only place orders with AAK

Create: 01/06/2022
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:AAK uses endoscope C50 to detect the internal burr of the hydraulic valve block, and then sprays the burr remaining in the hydraulic valve block with high-pressure solution, so that there is nowhere for the burr to hide. Nearly 95% of domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers are not equipped with endoscope and ignore 100% removal of the residual burr of the hydraulic valve block. The American customer who has suffered a loss elsewhere chose to order from AAK again. Most domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers use conventional physical methods to deal with the burr of hydraulic valve block, and check whether the burr is cleaned by experience, especially the burr of deep hole or magnetic burr, which can hardly be cleaned. It is common that the defective rate of hydraulic valve block exceeds the standard due to human error. At the beginning of last year, we received an inquiry for hydraulic valve block from Hunter, an American customer. We calculated the price according to his hydraulic valve block drawings. Hunter was not satisfied with our quotation. Because the communication was very pleasant, I wanted to make friends with hunter and gave up my commission to adjust the price. Hunter frankly said that although the new price of AAK hydraulic valve block meets his target price, the prices of other hydraulic valve manufacturers are still cheaper than those of AAK. We can only withdraw from the purchase of hydraulic valve block amicably. If something goes unusual, there will be problems. 2 months later, Hunter came back to us and said that he was very willing to accept our quotation for hydraulic valve block. He informed that there were different degrees of burrs at the internal cross holes of the hydraulic valve block samples proofed by the original hydraulic valve manufacturer. The hydraulic valve block samples were modified 3 times.
May 21 2022AAK hydraulic valves, tea, books and music3
May 20 2022AAK hydraulic valve blocks used aviation aluminum to bring William's hydraulic equipment back to life2
May 19 2022AAK hydraulic counterbalance valves have been used in Sandstorm for 12 months, but the ones of original manufacturer have to be replaced in 6 months4
May 18 2022AAK hydraulic valves only appear in the time and space you urgently need6
May 17 2022For the hydraulic pressure reducing valves of airport equipment, it runs normally after using the EPDM sealing rings of AAK8
May 16 2022The hydraulic relief valve with 5 steps sand cleaning method is not blocked, and AAK won the original factory in the United States9
May 15 2022The filter was embedded into the body of the hydraulic check valve, and Nicholas was convinced by AAK’s mind-blowing brain5
May 14 2022ODM manufacturer of international first-line hydraulic valve brands, AAK hydraulic check valve is used in aircraft13
May 13 2022AAK hydraulic valves understanding about with heart, which peers can't think of or do8
May 12 2022AAK changed the oil circuit design, the hydraulic pressure control valve was normal, and Lucas was completely satisfied15

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