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AAK hydraulic valves only appear in the time and space you urgently need

Create: 05/18/2022
Expired Date:05/18/2023
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Yesterday, a person of the same export trade of hydraulic valves came to my office. He lamented that it was too difficult to do the export of hydraulic valves. I thought he met someone who blackmailed him. He said that the export of hydraulic valves is B2B business. Because the hydraulic valve industry is too professional, he can't contact the decision-makers. From the first hydraulic valve inquiry from buyer to the final shipment, the whole delivery time is long, and it's too difficult to complete an order. This seems to be a common problem of B2B business. I suggest him read the book "the life that has not been destroyed". There is a sentence in the book: the real great is life. After being destroyed so many times, it is the most meaningful to live and die, and to have a bright future. Every time we are confused, it is the hidden willows and bright flowers that life gives us. AAK hydraulic valves, every product is exported to overseas. Whether it is the test order of hydraulic valves delivered by express, the urgent air shipment of hydraulic valves or the big sea shipment of hydraulic valves, it is the result of customers' trust in AAK. The hydraulic valves have strong professionalism, long delivery time, high amount and complex decision-making process, which requires the direct decision-making of senior management and even the boss. It's really difficult to break through layers and open the door of a hydraulic valve order. AAK is not in a hurry to close the deal of hydraulic valves, but regards it as a process of slowly accumulating influence, which is suddenly enlightened. AAK hydraulic valves have invested a lot of money in equipment upgrading, a lot of people in technical iteration and a lot of time in output content. Our ultimate goal is only to influence. Moisten things silently. Day after day, insist on using high stability hydraulic valves, high-quality content and high return rate of reputation to open the door of decision-makers of large companies.
Jul 01 2022 Engineers define the hydraulic manifold design from 5 perspectives, making AAK have no peers4
Jun 08 2022 The hydraulic flow control valve is benchmarked with Brevini, and the Italian customer can't refuse the 3 great benefits of AAK18
Jun 07 2022 AAK hydraulic relief valve was 17% expensive, but no cavitation. The Canadian boss purchased 2,000pcs after 2 years13
Jun 06 2022 Hydraulic manifolds of 450MPa pressure resistance and ultra light weight , AAK samples can be used in aviation at one time17
Jun 05 2022 How do you understand AAK mindfulness of be a man of credit and integrity to make hydraulic valves?17
Jun 04 2022 Customer who are greedy for cheap hydraulic valves got back to AAK after suffering heavy losses19
Jun 03 2022 Only AAK was able to produce the hydraulic manifold blocks, and its technology is not inferior to American and Japanese counterparts31
Jun 02 2022 AAK processed the hydraulic valve blocks with compound cutting tools, the quality caught up with Germany, and the delivery was 30 days faster20
Jun 01 2022 Hydraulic manifold blocks purchased separately had oil leakage, and AAK take over to produce the whole and promise no repair within 1 year16
May 31 2022The pressure resistance is 450bar and the service life is 2 million times. AAK hydraulic check valve replaces German HAWE21

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