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How do you understand AAK mindfulness of be a man of credit and integrity to make hydraulic valves?

Create: 06/05/2022
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Today, a foreign friend left a message on AAK hydraulic valve website: AAK mindfulness of be a man of credit and integrity to do hydraulic valves. What does this mindfulness mean? I checked the IP of this visitor deliberately because I'm not sure whether it's a hydraulic valve customer or a hydraulic valve peer, but I think it should be a foreign hydraulic valve manufacturer. Because of the differences of Chinese and Western culture, it is a little difficult to express it in English for the moment. Mindfulness is simply understood as Zhengzhi in Chinese, which means praising a person's good character. But for the understanding of morality, everyone's standards are different. I consulted my British friends. In the context of western language, someone explained that Zhenghi is integrity in English, which means intact. That is to say, a person who maintains consistency is Zhengzhi. This marks a benchmark for Zhengzhi. What kind of person is Integrity? It is a person who matches deeds to words, does what he says and is integrity. In AAK hydraulic valves, take small things as example, I make an appointment and don't be late; Officially speaking, if you sign the hydraulic valve contract, you will abide by it; Take production as an example, the quality of each hydraulic valve is equal to or better than the confirmed parameters. AAK hydraulic valves, combination of words and deeds. It dedicates itself to the production of hydraulic valves, never cheating with small actions. The ethereal thing of moral character becomes clear in AAK hydraulic valves.
City:Hangzhou Zhejiang[CN] 
Jun 18 2024For Hydraulic Piloted Directional Element equivalent to HydraForce EP16-S35, AAK received inquiries from an old customer in Russia15
Jun 13 2024For Proportional Solenoid Valve equivalent to HydraForce SP10-20, AAK received re-peat orders from 2 customers after 1 year19
Jun 05 2024Hydraulic Piloted Directional element Equivalent to HydraForce EP10-S3546
Jun 04 20242 years after the Hydraulic Solenoid Cartridge Valve equivalent to HydraForce SV08-47C was shipped, AAK received the reorder from customer in the United States38
Jun 03 2024Hydraulic Flow Divider/Combiner Valve Equivalent to HydraForce FD52-4531
May 31 2024Pressure Reducing/Relieving Cartridge Valve Benchmarking HydraForce PR10-3625
May 21 2024For Hydraulic Pilot Operated Relief Valve equivalent to HydraForce RV10-28, the customer in Turkey got back to AAK after 1 year35
May 07 2024For Hydraulic Pilot-Operated, Balanced Piston Relief Valve equivalent to SUN RPEC, the customer in Turkey placed their annual order with AAK52
Apr 19 2024Hydraulic Flow Control Valve 3 Advantages46
Apr 16 2024Hydraulic Piloted Directional Valve Equivalent to HydraForce PD10-4157

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